Idle thoughts about you-know-what

Years and years and years ago, I disentangled myself from The Worst Boyfriend in the Universe, and after he finally packed up and drove away I ate a Krispy Kreme donut. 

While I was eating the donut, I started crying--sobbing, actually. Not because I missed the bad guy, but because I was eating a Krispy Kreme donut, alone.  And then I started laughing because I was crying because I was eating a Krispy Kreme donut, alone. 

I bring it up because I've been thinking about the term "food porn," which I find particularly inappropriate. First, I just don't like those two words together. It kills my appetite. 

And second: the items that people tend to refer to as food porn--gorgeous art-directed photos of lobsters dripping with butter, cocoa nibs on a rustic burlap sack, a steak, an eggplant--are not the least bit "pornographic."  

I notice, however, that no one ever refers to pictures of, say, Pez or corn chips or a bear claw as food porn. That seems wrong. 

If we as a people are going to continue to use the term, we should use it properly, for objectionable food that makes us feel guilty, pathetic, lazy affection in spite of the fact that it could never love us back. Like the donut.

Or, for instance, the iconic Pillsbury poppin' fresh cinnamon bun (honestly: poppin' freshs buns?). 

I prepared a can this morning for a very close friend who loves them, who also gets a tremendous kick out of icing them with the stuff in that plastic container that arrives, also poppin fresh, in the the same can, and who would eat all of them if I let her. This, even though I am more than capable of making a proper cinnamon bun. I only had one bite. But I won't lie to you: fabulous.  


  1. Good point! I smiled when I saw those little plastic cups of frosting-- one of my guilty pleasures too (even though home made is so much better)!

    And by the way, twittering the phrase "food porn", as I did once, is very likely to net you a few wanna-be followers who are not exactly your usual crowd. You have been warned. :)

  2. Last night at dinner, my 13 year old asked "what's your favorite food?" Since there was no specified category,(dinner, dessert, snack) it was a wide ranging discussion. The 13 year old's very favorite: her stepdad's mashed potatoes. His favorite: fresh Florida lobster w/ butter. Mine: bar-b-q ribs. But the one common item on all 3 lists: Krispy Kreme donuts.

  3. It's all Anthony Bourdain's fault. To think that he would dedicate a "food porn" episode, complete with sleazy 70's music.

  4. Those things are disgusting(ly good).

  5. Before they were on our "banned food" list, we ate them every week. I slyly iced just so there was a little scoop left in the bottom -- and I licked the top clean!

  6. I love this post. Whenever I see Food Porn on Twitter, it totally turns me off.

    I prefer indulgent or decadent, which I talk a bit about here http://recipeplay.com/?p=597

    Would love to see you expand on this idea a bit. I'm totally on board.


  7. Caroline, I think they put too much icing in that cup, specifically for parents.

    Will, I can't seem to make that link work.

    Joe, thank you for compliment on my photos; i consider that a giant compliment coming from you.

    Janet: KKreme are evil, and we love them anyway: agreed?

    Andrea: I have been disappointed to find no food porn addicts on my trail. What gives with that. But since it is such a grody word, that is the last time I will use it.

    Thanks for reading Cook the Wolf, by the way. And cheers.